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Friday, February 3, 2012

Shooting into bright light...

Have you ever notice when you shoot an subject with a very bright background, - like a plane in the sky, surfers in the ocean or skiers on snow, that the subject come out so dark and the rest of the image so bright that you can hardly see any detail? In Layman's terms here is a solution,

The sensor "sees" the bright light and under-expose to give you less brightness. The usual thinking will be that this is correct. Some people will actually think they need to set the exposure to minus a stop or so to bring the light down. However the result will be like this;

You see, with the sensor doing the under-exposure there will be very little details in the subject you are shooting. This is because the sensor "thinks" you want to have the whole image evenly exposed, but does not see that you are actually focusing on a small subject in the frame.

Sure, you can correct this in PS, but why not expose correctly from the start?

The solution is to over-expose by one or one-and-a-half stops. As crazy as this sounds it works. It is all about thinking the way the "sensor thinks" and correcting it. As soon as the biggest part of your image is against bright light you can correct the exposure by doing this.

You can find a previous article with images attached on Air-show images that I took with this method here on the blog under November, 2011, A fix called Traveling.

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