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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Young Community Shapers 2012...

On Saturday we started with the filming of the projects for the Young Community Shapers 2012. This competition is a celebration of the youths helping to uplift their communities. For those wondering what the fuzz is all about should see the blog entries of October 2011. This year the sponsors are looking at projects whom is more focused on education.

Although we are not at a stage where we can announce who the top nine finalists are of this year, I can post some images I made while we where shooting the projects. These images are of people I met on the road in and around the contestant's  projects and are only to mend to be shared with you in order to show you more of our very diverse country.

Once again I used the Leica M9 + the 50 mm Summilux, F1.4, and once again I was amazed at the image qualities I get from this dream combo!

I met these two friends and they were just to eager to let me make some images of them. The last one was made at F1.4, ISO 160.

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  1. My niece looks beautiful in the pictures, thank you very much!