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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Leica M9 does Split...

We started our trip to Croatia in the beautiful city of Split. Split is a busy city with an Old town where the history of the city is around every corner.

                                                                    The city of Split.

The beaches, for witch Croatia is famous for, are absolute pristine. With crystal clear water, around 25 degrees, is easy to spend a day in the Adriatic Sea. The daytime temperatures hover around 35

The beach does not have sand as to here by us, but small little pebbles, the size of 10 cents coins. This is lovely as there is no sand sticking to everything each time you come to the beach.

The Old Town as seen from the bell tower (a very scary climb up a very unsteady stairway. Some people still live inside the homes inside the Old City walls!

We lived in the old Fishing village of the city witch is a World Heritage Site. This image was made at around 7 pm. It only gets totally dark in Croatia after 10 pm!

                                            Sunbathers at one of the local beaches in the city.

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