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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Leica M9, 90mm Summarit and the finch...

Right outside my bedroom-window, a yellow Finch are building nest's all year round. One day he will build it all day long, - then the female will inspect it and in most cases NOT be satisfied, so he pull it apart again.

                                                          An old one gets pulled apart.

With all this happening less than 2 meters away from the window, the 90mm Summarit is the ideal lens on the M9 to get some images of the most optimistic little bird I have ever seen :)

                                              A new nest in the construction phase.

With a simple set-up, you just have to wait to get some great images. As soon as the one nest is tore apart, - the building of the new one start.

I have said it before, the rendering, sharpness and bokeh of the Summarit 90mm is great!

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