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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The traveler/tourist bracketing that people do...

I recently red an article on traveling and how to get of the beaten path when you travel and how you will then become a "real" traveler and not just a tourist. What a load of bull!

Why must I spend my hard urned money to become a traveler and not a tourist?
Why must I do on MY trip, to where-ever, do what someone else tells me to do or how?

I am a traveler and a tourist, - call me what you want, I couldn't care less. Traveling is in my blood, to go to new places I have not been before, see people, eat food, experience different cultures, take pictures and most importand experience it with my loved ones, - that is the traveling experience!

Every now and again you bump into a person that wants to, I don't know, - impress you, show off or just be a know-it-all. "Oh, you have been to Paris, (or whatever place)- I don't do the tourist thing, I travel off the beaten path, that is the ONLY way to travel" - usually this is said with rolling eyes.
Well, good for you! Last time I checked I didn't have to report to you on my travels, - I do it my way.

If you get a kick out of traveling that way and me for doing it my way, - and both are happy, why be bothered? Why put me or yourself into a specific bracket?
I think people are so much in competition with the Jones's in this day and age that they forget to enjoy what you have or do.
Traveling is tough enough as it is! No need to try and do something to impress someone else. Then it becomes more of a stress than a enjoyment. And I travel to enjoy myself.

The other thing that people like to say or do is this; Oh, I wanted to go to this or this country before anyone I know go there! Then, after some time you bump into them again and you have been there, they are angry at you for going there and "steeling" their idea and now they don't want to go!
Newsflash! In the world of traveling there is no "your" country traveling idea or mine. You wanna go, then go, if I see a place and are in a position to go, I will go, I don't need your permission or approval.

The way my family and I travel is the way we like and enjoy. I DO NOT intend to change that so we can fit into the traveler vs tourist bracket. If you have been to places away from the normal holiday spots, or if you like to travel to far-off countries and see something different, you know what I am talking about.

People like to say, -you guys spend so much money on traveling and if you didn't, you could have had this or that...
This is also usually done by people that never go anywhere. Well where is your this or that...? -and I am not talking about people that cannot afford it.

I say it again, - leave people to do traveling the way they want to and do your own life, stop comparing.

We have taken our son on almost 20 trips in his 15 years and the experience he gained  on these travels becomes apparent when he talks to strangers and friends and you just see the life experience and knowledge he gained from it.

So to all the travellers or tourist out there, enjoy where you can go and stop the competition with the Jones's... see you on the road.

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