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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leica M9 does fashion circus...

At one of the biggest shopping mall a " Fashion Circus" was set-up the past week-end and I happened to be at two of the catwalks to see what the M9 can do.

Looking back I should have shot at higher ISO to get faster shutter speed.

This was one of the high key images shots I made that came out the way I wanted.

All in all it went o k, but it will take some more practice until I can get the success rate of images up to where I want it.

When the models was standing still, or making the turnaround, it was easy enough, but when the were walking towards me, the manual focusing took some skills, especially with the F-stop at the open end.

All images made with the M9 + 50mm Summilux

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