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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leica M9 does Wheels on the Vaal, Classic cars...

The yearly Classic car festival took place again, and naturally I took the M9 out for the day. To see these wonderful old vehicles of yesteryear is just so nice, - you can see the love that went into restoring these old bodies and of cause the people that come to these shows are also something special!

                                                                        1958 Chevy

                                                                     1930 Ford
                                                              1957 Oldsmobile
                                                                 The Monster

                                                               Gangster style - 1930's
                                                  The colors on this Anglia was unreal!
                                                        Even Jumbo the tractor was there.
All images made with the M9 + 50mm Summilux.

1 comment:

  1. Henri,

    Most Beautiful photos ! But please, do not refer to the cars as "space-ship", once you know the name, it becomes effortless to forget. The space-ship you refer to is called a Teardrop Talbot Lago, if i am correct it's a 1938 model. A magnificent car ! This one however is a replica made in South Africa, built by Koos Swanepoel and his dear friend Mike Otto. The car you refer to as the "Gangster Style - 1930's" is the car of proud owner Mike Otto, really a beaut of a car. Both these cars are in fact very rare. Just thought I'd inform everyone !