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Monday, October 29, 2012

Leica M9 + 90 mm Summarit at the races...

Took a 90 mm Summarit F2.5 to the Motor races at Kyalami to see how this lens will handle in the field. As you know for this kind of shooting I will use the 50 mm Summilux F1.4, but I felt I need a little more "reach".

The Summarit is not a lot of people's first lens of choice, usually because of what I feel unfair comments as it is not one of Leica's top/expensive lenses.

As you can see there is absolute nothing wrong with this lens, the results speak for themselves.
I even squeezed a few of at F2.5 with very sharp results.

For just when you need a bit more length or reach, this lens is very good and it will definitely stay in my bag.

                                           What will a Leica shoot be with-out a B&W image?

All images made with the Leica M9 + 90 mm Summarit.

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