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Friday, January 13, 2012

Graffiti, art or nuisance?...

Whether you have traveled around the world or not you have seen graffiti. I can say that in European cities the problem is much worst than here in SA. Unfortunately for these cities in Europe it seems more like gangsters or just bored youths spraying slogans on the walls.

                                                            Newlands, Johannesburg

However, I have seen some graffiti here and abroad that really looks like art-works. Now, I am in no way talking good about the painting on personal homes/property by hooligans, just that it seems some writers, - as graffiti artists call themselves, use the canvas to beautify the world.

                                                                   Las Vegas, USA

Here in Johannesburg I regularly drive by an underpass of the Highway. There is an Art School opposite this underpass. Every few days the Art-students chose to use the pillars and walls as canvas. I always look forward to see how the "decor" changed since last time.

                                                                        Newtown, Jhb

In SA it would seems graffiti of Mandela is quite random, - I have seen a few of these over town.

                                                                          Jhb Central

Sometimes graffiti makes life a bit comical, just look at the scenarios next time you see it, - like this graffiti-man biting the street-vendor.

                                                                   Newtown, JHB

We were in Los Angeles once and I saw these two practicing their art on a wall on Venice beach specifically made to be used by graffiti writers.

                                                                 Venice Beach, LA

Imagine my surprise when they finished and I saw the script on the side!

                                                                     Venice Beach, LA

When driving past graffiti it is not always easy to read what they were writing, never mind, it looks good in passing.

                                                                Art house wall, JHB

One of the nicest graffiti I saw was in San Francisco were they did a whole building in graffiti.

                                                   Italian district, San Francisco

                                                             Hi-Way pillars, JHB

So next time you drive around keep an eye out for those graffiti writers. You just might be surprised at what they do.

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