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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sculptures and statues...

Where-ever I travel, I always look at the statues and sculptures that are scattered around the cities and countries. Some are more artistic than others to say the least and then there is the ones I think that were made to make you laugh and enjoy the part of life that say,- be yourself, be different!

                                                 A "must-smile at it"statue/art, Valencia, Spain.

                                                            A door and details in Prague.

                               A statue in the gardens near the Art and Science Museum, Valencia.

                                                          The Goldfish, Barcelona.

                                   The Space museum, Hong Kong with a giant crab in the pool.

                                       With the the soccer stadium in the background,Valencia.

                                      "Winged Man" in front of the Cultural Center, Hong Kong.

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