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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

M9 does international hockey...

On Saturday South Africa played the second International Hockey test against Spain in Randburg, JHB. I took the M9 to see how it will pass the test of documenting the sporting event.
Here are a few of the images. I posted some images bigger than normal so you can see the image quality better.

Now as you know, the M9 is not considerate a camera for fast action sporting images by it's critiques, - witch I will show not to be true.

                                                  The singing of the anthems.

I own the 50 mm Summarit and the 35 mm Summilux lenses so there is no "high-powered zoom" lens to bring the action closer. This made me use my feet more to get closer and not to stand in one place and "machine gun" the action like some of the photographers that was there.

I shot most of the game at F 5.6, some images with one and some with the other lens.

The nice thing about the set-up of the field is that the spectators are really close to the field, so you get a real feel for the game.

I got a few rolling eyes and frowns from the other photographers as I stood next to them at times with the M9 and they with the zooms and huge camera bodies.

Sure, the manual focus makes shooting action sport a bit more challenging, but with practice you get better.

                                               Celebrations as SA scores another goal!

Water was being sprayed on the field before and during half time in order to cool it down, - hence the darker and lighter patches on the images. Also I was walking around a lot and this being artificial turf the texture appears different from different sides.

                                                      It was 38 degrees on the field!

Spain attacks during a penalty.

The more I shoot this camera, the more I like it! By the way South Africa won the game 3-0.

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