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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Equestrian events...

When you shoot equestrian events, whether for a client or for yourself keep certain things in mind.
First the owners, riders and horses are quite nervous and should not be stressed further.

                                                  Trainer and rider warming up for the event.

Secondly, try to shoot from a distance as not to spook the horses. If you do approach, move slowly and make sure the rider and horse see you. Do not sneak-up on a horse, - unless you liked being kicked by one.

                                                                      All show ready.

Normally there is big prize money at stake for the contestants so show some respect and shoot in quiet mode as not to spook the horses.

                                                                      Look for details.

Remember to enjoy the show, it's not often you see man and such big magnificent animals in harmony.

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