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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Find images in the details...

Wherever you are out shooting, - spend some time looking at the details in the subject. There might be some small details that can make for some interesting images. Here are some examples;

                        The top of a Cappuccino machine in a coffee shop. JHB International Airport.

                                            Setting sun reflection on building in Las Vegas.

                                                  Empty seats before award ceremony.

                                                        Hotel building, Bangkok.

                                                                      Blue-crane feathers.

                                                                         Tortoise skin.

I have used some of these images on backgrounds for web-designs and various other backgrounds for designs when doing work for Advertising Agencies. Not only can you use it for this and more, but it also sharpens your eye to look more closely at the world around us and you will learn to spot images in different things.

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