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Friday, December 16, 2011

Music help with teaching the youth...

In one of the suburbs near Johannesburg a brother and sister are helping the less fortunate youths in a unique way.
Both are extremely talented musicians and unselfishly use their talent to care for children.

After school, over weekends and during holidays they teach children in their area music. At a local school they are using a classroom and uses their own musical instruments. Now no one need to tell you how expensive musical instruments are, and yet they do not let this stop their progress.

Both brother and sister also teaches the children life skills and help them with schoolwork were possible. Gao, the sister, have a passion to work with kids and wants to expand their musical teachings to a musical school. Over weekends the children are also given a hot meal during practice. (Due to the fact that her brother is recording professional albums we where asked not to publish his name.)

After seeing and hearing the music these young ones are making and seeing the joy it brings to their lives, - I have to salute Gau and her brother for this project.

To these two exceptional young people we say, - let the music of passion, help and care keep on playing!

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  1. it's really avery inspirable blog hope the brother & sister may help more children