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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leica M9 does Hout Bay Harbour...

This place is also one of the highlights of anyone visiting the Cape. With one of the best places to eat fresh fish made on the docks.

                              M9,35mm 'LUX, ISO 160, F5.5, five images stitched together.
Hout Bay, or like the people from there like to call it, - the Republic of Hout Bay, are nestled in a fold of Table Mountain.

                                                         M9,35mm,'Lux,ISO 160, F1.4
We found this absolute delightfully young chap on the harbor feeding a giant seal some fish. When I told him to be careful when he feeds "Groot Piet", (Big Piet), he said that the seal would never bite him, as he does not fish have fish fingers!

                                                             M9,35 mm Lux, ISO 160, F1.4
Of cause this show is well rehearsed and Piet gets food and the boy gets a couple of cents from the tourists!

                                                             M9, 35mm 'Lux, ISO 160, F5.6
On the one end of the docks is this graveyard for the ships no longer in use.

Fishing boats always makes for colorful images. Four images stitched together. M9 35mm 'Lux, ISO 160, F5.6

                                                       M9,35mm Lux, ISO 160, F5.6

                                                            M9,35mm Lux, ISO 160, F5.6
                                             After the rains the seagulls was glad to have a bath.

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