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Friday, April 20, 2012

Leica M9 does the Two Oceans Marathon... part 1...

Carrying on where I left of, - here are more images I made at the Two Oceans Marathon(56 km). A wet one this year. What will a marathon be without some jokers participating, - they bring a smile, even on such a wet day...

                                            Only 17 km to go? This is a walk in the park man!

                                                   Who said you can't run with a blue wig?

                           Flashing!? No, they are just showing me from witch running club they are.

                                                 A blind person running with his guide. Salute!


                                                                            MORE PAIN!

                                                                 Chapman's Peak.

                                                      Look at the rain coming down!

                                                                      Autumn colors.
                                                                    Reflections on the road.
All images was made with the M9 & 50 mm Summarit combo at F2.5 and ISO 600. 

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