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Friday, March 16, 2012

Food for thought...

One of the heartwarming projects we have visited and helped with the Young Community Shapers was this one in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Situated next to one of the "high class" suburbs, - the situation in this area is all but cosy.

Here children have to walk to school, many on empty stomachs. This is also the place where Sarah wanted to make a difference in the young children's lives.

So, together with her Mother and Grandmother, they started to cook warm meals to feed the children in the mornings before school.

Now, since they started this project, they are feeding close to 120 little hungry kids in the mornings before school.

Some are orphans and some of the children's parents leave to early to make breakfast for the children.

Sarah says that feeding the kids are filling her heart with joy. She has since started to work as well in order to provide for these children. The small donations they receive is just not enough.

During winter the children really appreciate the food as the winter and an empty stomach does not make for a happy scholar.

Seeing the joy on the faces of these children make you realize that we certainly need more young people caring like Sarah and her helpers.