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Friday, March 9, 2012

M9 does Lipizzaners...

Last Sunday I took the family for an outing to see the Johannesburg Lepizzaner show. Nothing spectacular, but a nice show with a kind of country feel about it.

There is a little coffee shop outside to have something refreshing under the trees.

The show tells about the different stages of the Lepizzaner horse as it is being trained, - from the free running horse to where it is used in shows and competitions.

There is a very nice classical soundtrack being played as the show progresses.

The light inside the arena is not great, but not bad for the M9 either. I was able to shoot at ISO 500 - 640 at around 50/s - 350/s.

I used the 50 mm Summarit and 35 mm Summilux for all the images. Most was made at F 1.4 and F 2.5.

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