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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shooting Mining vehicles...

Recently a client of mine asks me to make a few images of some mining vehicles that went in for repairs.

These guys take the whole vehicle apart and then start to replace and recondition all worn-out parts. The job cost a cozy R 2 million. But that's not the best part, - after they test it, they take it apart again, to be taken down into the mine bit by bit.
When the mine closes one day they leave the vehicle underground! It is just too expensive to take it apart again and bring it to ground level.
Anyway, I just had to shoot some images, not work out the economics of the company.

In the end they wanted some post processing of the image to place it into a catalog. Here is the result;

                       It is not so high, about 3 meters, it needs to fit in mining tunnels, remember.

             Here is one with the crew that did the overhaul on the truck and the loading vehicle.

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