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Monday, March 5, 2012

Positive energy...

In all the years we have been doing the Young Community Shapers, I have rarely met a young man with more energy than this one. Tao is a young man that produces positive energy like an over charged hot rod!

Aside from being a television star, this guy also hold motivational talks at schools all over Johannesburg. We all see the need amongst youth to have role models that show them the good path and this is where Tao steps in.

During his talks he covers a large amount of topics, - all desperately necessary for young people to hear. Topics such as obtaining from drugs, crime and the dangers of HIV/AIDS are just a few that he covers. Youth need these talks in a society were the parents leaves home early in the mornings to work and returning only after dark and thus have almost no impact on the lives of their children.

Like I already said, Tao is also a TV host and also uses this to inspire and motivate the youth. In the years I have know Tao I have seen his participation in the community grown stronger and his followers become better equipped to handle the stresses of every day life.

After school study groups where the scholars help each other with homework and making sure no one is left behind have started all over were Tao left his legacy. Great work Tao, I am proud to know you! 

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