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Monday, March 26, 2012

Of actors and painters...

In the years we have been doing the Young Community Shapers we have come upon some interesting scenes in the townships. This was one of them.

A bunch of young kids started to give cultural dance lessons as well as acting classes for the others after school. Of cause it was quite a site to see, and we totally admired there initiative to keep the kids busy after school and away from mischief.

Two of the jokers in the group was interacting with the crowd via costumes and was teaching the younger one acting.

In one corner of the small property was a young artist teaching others the paint and draw. Here he is with one of his drawings.

Amazing if you see the conditions the have, but still want to help uplift the community. Of cause apart from the one participating, a crowd was watching from all-over.

                                                    You have to love Africa for this!

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