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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Caring for old and young...

The search to find young people doing good for their community continued and in a small rural village in the Free State we met with a young lady called Maggie.
She works full-time at a home for old people and orphans.

Maggie is a delightful person who like to help these needy people in her community. During the morning she cooks for the old people, wash and clothe them and make sure they take all their medicine.
After school she sits and help the children with homework and plays with them.

Maggie, bellow in yellow, has used her sponsored money to buy things, you and I take for everyday necessities, like a television, blankets and toys for the children, to make life a little more bearable for the people in her care-center.

                                               Maggie and the people she looks after at the center.

                                                  One of the old ladies at the care-center.

        Children and old people make for the best images,- maybe because the have so much emotion?

                From on top of a roof, I took this panorama of the area. Nine images stitched together.

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