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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let the music play...

Ask any serious photographers and they will tell you that they clearly remember almost every moment they make an image.
The truth for me at least is this, - when you make an image it becomes a part of you. You can revisit the time of making it at any time you look at the image. Maybe it is because of the emotions you felt when you made the image, the smells and sounds around you, the people interacting in the image or around the image you made?

In this way when you open a special image with say, a loved one in it, or of a special moment, place or time in your life, you revisit that time of your life. Is it because you were the creator of the image? Or maybe because you were part of the decisive moment? Or is it because you have a special feeling connected to the moment? All of the above?

In my life it is not only this way when i make special images but also with music. As one person once said, - music is the essence of life, without it we are just one step closer to primates. You hear a song playing somewhere and it can transform you away in an instant to a special place, time or person in which you had a significant experience with.

Walk in a city you visit, a country not your own and you hear a song, music or see musicians making music on the sidewalk and it is sure to transform you, - into the moment or far away into your memory.
To see the joy and emotion on the face of a musician as he plays his instruments can be quite inspiring. You absolutely have to capture those moments.

So whether you see the musicians on the street playing for some of your lose change or whether he is a professional playing for fame, - keep an eye on the emotion he has, the magical transformation to a special moment in your or his life is available for you... let the music take you there.

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