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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

End of the year,- time to SUPER-SIZE the rat-race.....

As everyone are saying right now, - is it the end of the year already? Short answer, Yes!
For us in the Advertising world it is the busiest time of the year. The times of year were you easily lose your marbles if not on guard.

All the clients realize all of a sudden that the year is coming to a end and there are just so much more that needs to be done, - promotions, Christmas specials and what not else? And please don't forget, - the Back to School promotions must also be done before the holidays, - there will be no time next year!

                        My boy preparing for the exams. M9 F 2.5 50 mm Summarit ISO 200

And it seems, as if in sync, that all the clients realize this at the same time! The printers are fully booked and the Marketing Guru waking-up to late will not get things printed! Why is it always like this? It is not really as if the year sneaked out of the backdoor with-out anyone noticing, - but it always seems to catch every one by surprise!

Tempers are at a breaking point all around and people are screaming more than regular. On the roads it is carnage! Everyone is in a hurry! It seems as if all the roads are packed to capacity, accidents are more frequent and tempers are in the red! The rat race just turned SUPER-SIZE!

On the home-front it is not far from this either, the children are tired of getting-up early to go to school, sports are finishing and revision times are set to prepare for the exams. The wife are starting to look for a place to go to on holiday for the family, also almost to late, and it seems the only one oblivious to the rat race is my Bull dog, Winston. The only thing that upsets him is if he doesn't get his 8 hours sleep during the day! Yeah, it's a dogs world out there...

                                                          Winston at 50 mm.

So, while we all try to please all our clients, get to were we should and do what we have to, - remember what the true holiday spirit is all about...
Peace, love and joy and for now try not to lose your temper to much out there so we can all go on a well deserved Summer holiday!

                                                      Almost time to put your feet up!

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