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Monday, November 28, 2011

Open mine shoot...

Just a short blog today, - as his time of the year we are at our busiest and there is very little time to touch ground and as you know, rather busy than sitting idly around.
So I did a shoot today at an open mine where they are taking grade of rocks and mixing it for building purposes. Quite interesting if rocks and that kind of thing rocks your boat.

Obviously I can't show you much as the client needs to approve the layout and the whole brochure.
But just to show you it is not always glamour and models in the Advertising World/Photographic world here is a panoramic I took of  part of the mine.

                                            7 images stitched together around 50 MB J-PEGS

On days were the shoot is not so interesting as what you had imagined, I always try to chat more with the people that work at the said place. On this occasion we had a gentleman by the name of Piet who showed us around and organized the trucks, access and whatever we needed. What an interesting and friendly guy.  He speaks in a soft voice and can communicate with the workers in three different native tongues!
Piet made a hot summers day very interesting and told me that his background is actually Tobacco Farming!
As Forest Gump said himself, - Life is like a box of chocolates, - you never know what you will get?

So to Piet and all his workers in the mine today, - have a great one!

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