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Monday, November 21, 2011

Of old people in rural areas...

It was a drive and a half to get to the far-off rural village in Giyani in the Northern part of the country. As with so many other rural parts in our country it is the same here, - the youth are leaving the rural areas as soon as they finished school and head for the cities in search of jobs. This leaves the older generation behind with no one to care for him or her.

Now these old people are left behind with nobody to help them do the normal day-to-day things we take for granted. Sure, some of the children send their parents money but a most are left without care. Some are sick and need care and medicine, food, cleaning of homes and help with washing themselves.

It is here that a young man saw what was happening and decided to extend a helping hand towards these old people. Earnest got a few willing helpers together and started a project where they go from house to house to make sure all the elders are taken care of. He sees that they take the right medicine on the correct times, help with the cleaning of their homes and help to wash the old ones.

He also established a community kitchen where all the old people that he care for come together once a day and receives a worm meal. Some old people have to be helped to this gathering and it is the only social interaction they get with others.

Here is Earnest with his community of old people that he cares for...

Of cause it is not only old people staying behind in the villages but also very young children. Earnest is also trying to educate these youngsters to care for themselves as well as for the elders.

As the sun sets over this far off place in the country, these old people can sleep a bit better knowing that there are people caring for them.

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