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Friday, November 11, 2011

Not your usual computer academy...

The  search for young people who unselfishly uplift their community took us to the far-of province of Limpopo on the Eastern side of the country.

In a small rural village we met Andries. This remarkable young man saw a great need to educate his community in computer literacy. Andries is a man who speaks at mach 2.3 and you have to listen carefully at what he says or else you will miss the conversation. He lives with his father and converted a shack in the back-yard to serve as his classroom. From here he also repair broken computers.

                                Andries and some of his students in-front of his academy.

To show this, I put the speed-light behind the computer-screen to imitate the light illuminating their faces.

These three lads where watching everything carefully from a distance. I gave them some sweets and asked them to sit on the wall, - they looked at me as if I was the first white-man they ever seen, - probably was..

This is the view from Andries's academy of his neighbors. Seven images stitched together. 150 MB J-peg file.

With the sponsored money Andries received he finished the building in which he is expanding the   academy into and he received seven more computers to continue with his excellent work.

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