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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sometimes random stuff is not random...

Have you ever wondered if seemingly random stuff that happens are truly just random?,- or is it really meant to  cross paths with you?
I am not being philosophical here, but it just seems that in more than one way things don't just happen, but for a reason.

Like the time I was sitting waiting for our videographer, whom went into a gas station to ask for directions to a project we had to film and shoot. We have been driving around in a rural township for hours without really making any headway of were to go.

The gas station, was no more than an old dilapidated half-structure of a former building, the roof collapsed at one side and non existing on the other side also served as a local "quick-stop take-away" shop, or spaza as it is also known.

Now as it goes in rural Africa there is no such thing as road-signs once you get of the beaten way. People know the road or, if they ask, are told by land markings or by the name of a person who lives in the same direction, sort-off like in the time of the cowboys.

So here I was sitting, kind of getting a bit lost in my own thoughts, when I notice three young boys playing with a ball in an open stretch of field. It only took a second for me to realize here are some nice images waiting to be made. I lift the Canon D40 with the 70-200 mm F2.8 from my lap and started to frame. On shoots like these where I am riding "shot-gun" I always ride with a camera on my lap,- you never know what opportunities life will throw at you and it may be over before you know it.

I get out and sit on one knee and keep framing away. One of the little boys sees me and leaves the game to come over. Like a lad with good manners he waits until my head comes up from behind the camera and ask me if I am looking for his team?

He explains that they were sent here by the couch to keep an eye out for some white people who are coming to film their soccer team! At the same moment the video guy returns and said that he couldn't get any information on were we needed to go? Now this is just not random!

We all jump into the vehicle and ten minutes later we are at the project we were meant to film.

Thabang is a young man who saw the need to keep the youth in his area busy and fit as well as to start a local soccer club that can uplift the spirit of the community. He started his club and are currently couching three teams as well as couching athletics at the local school. His team is also leading in the local soccer tournament.

                                                  Notice the sheep on the soccer field.

With the funds we secured for Thabang and his project, he will be able to expand and become a better team and so uplift the whole community.

                                  Thabang is the couch in the green marker with his top team.

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