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Friday, November 18, 2011

On high heels in the garden...

Sophisticated, that's how I will describe Mpho. A young lady full of ambition not only for herself, but also for the community she lives in.

She lives in the far Northern corner of our country. Currently studying at University she still have time in her busy schedule to run and sustain her project. As you can see from the minidress and high heels in the picture this woman are going places! But don't let the corporate dress fool you, - Mpho have no problem getting her hands dirty and do so very often.

Through her project she secures vegetable seedlings from around nurseries in her area and take this to a whole bunch of pre-schools and day care centers for toddlers in the community. At each of these centers she has secured a small piece of land, that, with the help of the teachers and toddlers they convert to vegetable gardens. Here she teach the children how to plant, care and harvest the vegetables. The veggies are then used in the involved schools to feed the children.

Mpho makes the whole learning experience very interactive and practical with all the kids joining in. As with all kids they love getting dirty and enjoy it very much. Through the whole experience the children are taught how to look after their health and the environment.

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