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Friday, June 1, 2012

Young Community Shaper finalist 2012 - Joyce...

Joyce runs a project in the Orange Farm area that not only helps the learners of the Secondary school, but here they start very young, - she and her volunteers also teach at a pre-school and after school for children of the Primary school. All this is done solely out of a need to help others and without financial benefit.

                                                      Joyce and her group of volunteers.

She is a very energetic young woman that does not take the accolades for the success of this project for herself, - she is adamant that only with the full commitment of the whole group, the project succeeds.

The patience she shows while teaching and the way she interacts with the learners from all ages are quite remarkable.

She and her group teach subjects such as Math's, Science, Biology, History and Geography at the High school after hours. This gives students the opportunity to ask questions and get guidance on the subjects they get during school hours and that they do not understand.

It is the objective of this project to not only teach students and help them with homework but maybe more important, - teach them the necessity of getting educated and prepare them for adult life.

 All images made with the M9 + 50 mm combo.

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