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Monday, June 4, 2012

Young community Shaper finalist 2012 - Motholo...

In the very rural area of Qwa Qwa in the Free State is where we found this very interesting soft-spoken young man - Motholo.

Motholo runs a project based on educating school learners as he notice a decline in the pass rate of his area. He got some of his friends together and they approached a local school. Here he was granted his wish and he now have after school classes every day at the school.

Some of the subjects that they have during these extra classes are Math's, Science and various languages. The principal told me that he saw an immediate increase in the test and exam results since Motholo started to do extra classes.

"Education should be very important to all learners but also be fun, they are learning but are still young and the importance of education must also be taught" - Matholo.

At the media centre in the school they spend some fun times with the learners and sharpen their reading skills. Here he also recently started to teach them the basics in computers.

To Motholo and his team of volunteers who do all this at no cost to anyone, - just to uplift their community, we say good luck and well done!

All images made with the M9 + 50 mm Summilux combo.

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