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Thursday, June 28, 2012

YCS 2012 Gala Event...

The past week we had the finalists of the YSC 2012 come together to have the judging and Gala event where the winner for 2012 was announced. (For all who do not know what this event is about, go back a few entries on this blog to see the remarkable work these special young people do)
After meeting them all at Park Station, JHB, we all went to Monte casino where we booked the finalist into a five star hotel.

On Monday the judging started and they were very nervous. A group of judges, appointed by the sponsors then took the finalist, looked at the video we made of their projects and asked some questions to get to know them better.

                                             Here is one of the finalist in the judging room.

On Tuesday the 26th, we had the Gala event at the Ballroom in Monte casino. Around 250 guests were invited to this prestigious event.

                                                  The finalists before the Gala event.

Throughout the evening there was entertainment, a five course meal and lots of interviews, speeches and so on. In the end the winner was announced. However all of the finalists got a cash bonus prize. Here is the picture of all the finalists;

Here are the winner and runner-up;

This is happiness...

To the sponsors of the event this year we would like to thank you, - without you it will simply not be possible.

To these nine very special people I want to say thank you! You are remarkable people and I have learned a lot from you. Keep up your unselfish work where-ever you are. Thank you for behaving so wonderful these four days. I am proud to call you my friends.

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