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Monday, June 18, 2012

Leica M9 does a Gym in the Hood...

TAB, or That's Africa Babe! is a saying that we use often to describe strange happenings or sightings here on this very strange piece of rock called Africa. Once again I said TAB to myself as I got in the car and drove away from this Gym I came upon in one of the Hoods.

Only in Africa you will find this type of one-stop-shop-for-all next to the road. A Gym, - R 10 an hour, R 100 a month and Fridge repairs and fruit shop all in one. Of cause I asked to go in and make a few images.

Inside the gym I was amazed to see the number of weights they had in the small space. Four guys was busy training. As promised I made images of all while training and post it.

The open wires, uneven floor and small space was not bothering these guys one bit. They were punishing the iron! Notice the water-station and cooling fan in the corner and the broken mirror on the wall.

There was a sound system in one corner-blasting RAP at top volume. In another a computer screen was showing soaps on SABC! What a contradiction.

These guys earned my respect and proof that you don't need a fancy spick and span Gym to take care of your body. Where there is a will there is a way!

Although the light inside was not good - to put it lightly, and I had to shoot on the run, - they did not stop for a shot but kept it going, the 35 mm Summilux F1.4 ASPO had no problem performing.

Here are the four in front, proudly displaying what they work for. Well-done guys!

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