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Friday, June 15, 2012

Young Community Shaper finalist 2012 - Zandile...

Next to the up market area of Centurion a small informal community resides as if almost forgotten. But they are not forgotten and it is her that we found a mother and daughter combination that have really huge hearts!

Zandile runs with the help and sometimes guidance of her mother, Dina a day care centre for the disabled.

                                        Some of the people at the project having a discussion.

With absolutely only the grace of God they are helping these special people every day. Some have nowhere to go and they live on the grounds with these two Angels in their home. And this is not a house like you and I know; it is a one room shack.

                                        Zandile feeding on of the children in the day care.

During the day, with the help of small donations from various churches they feed the children and adults both breakfast and lunch.

                                                Two boys playing in the day care hall.

The children in the daycare have both physical and mental disabilities. They need care and attention all the time. The volunteers play with the children, interact with them and give then physical exercises that are necessary for the development of muscles.

                                    Dina at the back, in the room where they do the handy work.

Zandile and her Mom have also trained some of the adults how to do various handcrafts like sewing, beading, doll making and handbag making. These are then sold in order to generate an income for the project.

Members of the community started a vegetable garden and this is now also used as food for the disabled.

To all the members with these huge hearts at this project we say good luck, well done and may God bless you!

All images made with the M9 + 50mm Summilux combo.

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