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Friday, June 8, 2012

Young Community Shaper finalist 2012 - Mbalenhle...

Wow where to begin with this remarkable young lady? Mbalenhle runs a skills development project in Kwa Masho near Durban.
She combined her skills with a friend and together the have been able to make a real impact on the people in the area. With the images I made while filming this project I will show you what a normal day in the life of this gentle lady is like;

Here she is helping the toddlers go to sleep at one of the creches in her area that her project is providing food for.

These two young men just attended a workshop by her project in sound engineering. This skill teaches youths willing to learn, how to start a business that can be sustainable.

Here a young man is being taught the art of metalwork. They then take this skill and produce thing such as security doors, gates and vehicle restoration. All is done at no cost to the learners but solely to help people to become independent.

Here are some of the children the projects also feeds. Notice that this is a second creche and not the same as the first one, - yes they feed TWO creches!

I just have this effect on babies :)


Once a month the project makes small parcels of snacks and it is then delivered to a nearby old age home where they spend some time with the elderly.

Here is one of the co-founders of the project, - Siabonga. (On the right is one of his students) He is training people how to do metal work as well as training people in this container how to repair tires and open their own businesses in order to become independent.

To this remarkable project and people involved we say good luck and keep it up!
All images made with the M9 + 50mm Summilux.

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