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Friday, October 28, 2011

Leica M9 and product photography...

I had a shoot earlier this week with an existing client and the best food stylist in the country. As you can imagine food with products or shoots where food are the products are not just slapping food on a infinity table and shooting away, it is an industry full of its own little secrets.
Gay and her team makes any product/food look good. Something that makes my work as photographer much easier,- and best of all i can also call her my friend.

But we are not going to discuss food-styling secrets today. No, i want to tell you how the Leica M9 fared in the shoot.
As this was not as serious as previous food-styled shoots i did with Gay,i was able to make a few M9 images in-between the set-ups.
I merely did this to see how the M9 will perform. I usually shoot these images with my Canon gear and today was no exception.
I have said before that i love the look the M9 gives to an image, but that i don't want to do my commercial work with it. When you work with clients and especially if they have been with you a long time, you don't want to have a different look all of a sudden,- no matter how much i love my M9, no, you stick to the same format.
Anyone who had shot glasses before will tell you, they are not the easiest to capture detail on. So we threw the M9 into the deep end and started with some;

I realize that F 2.5 is not the usual F-stop at witch these type of images are made but why not try it for this test, right?
As this is new product-range are going on sale in December i can't show to much of the product line, but i will show you how the M9 did;

                                        Look at the detail on this image enlarged to 100%.

                                              Again F2.5 Summarit 50 mm 100% enlarged

                                           Once again the detail in these images are outstanding!

With these directly from camera with no PS done you have to agree,- SUPER!
And don't forget,- at 35 MB in J-peg format, any client will be satisfied, for if they want to make enlargements,- billboard size is absolutely possible.

All images was shot with the Leica M9 in Raw format and the studio Broncolor lights was triggered with the Pocket Wizard Transceivers.

Conclusion; the M9 can, and will perform excellent in a studio environment. No question.


  1. what's the maximum magnification of that lens?

    1. Good day, all Leica M lenses that goes on the M9 are manual, prime lenses.
      This one I used is a 50mm Summarit, f2.5.