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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Youth Community Project 2

This is the project of a young man by the name of Brian.
Brain lives in a very poor community,- but that has not stopped him from doing good.
In fact, it motivated him. He realized that there are many,many children and adults that simply cannot afford a decent meal every day.
He started walking from business to business until he found sponsors to provide one decent meal per day.
He put together a team of 4, and they are currently serving 280 children and a few adults one proper meal a day.
Brain has no job, but instead of complaining he gets on with life and provide this unbelievable unselfish service to his community.
Having seen what he is doing for his community, i simply was speechless, the joy on the little children's faces as they receive food is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Pic 1 - 4 was made with the long lens - 70-200 mm.
You can see the joy of the little one's.
Pic 5 was in the backyard of Brain's home.
It was rather small, so the wide angle was used.

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