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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pic 1,
A man in a wheel-chair was watching us filming the project, when he left later i took this pic of him. He was not happy about it. After showing him the image and explaining to him what we are doing he was very satisfied that we are helping the community.
As in a lot of similar situations where you deal with angry people, a calm head and a friendly smile will defuse almost any situation.
Equip; Canon D20,70-200mm ,f2.8 ,iso 100
When on shoots like this i always have 2 cameras on me, 1 with a long lens and one with a shorter or wide angle.
I like to shoot at f2.8 with the 70-200mm in order to let the subject pop a bit more.

Pic 2 + 3
Soccer team and Band of Brothers
Both shot with the Canon D40, 16-35mm canon lens.
As we have to work quite fast sometime, i just change to the other camera over the shoulder and fire away.
The Band of brothers was walking together like this in the street and i shot it from the almost moving car.

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