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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leica M9 test in the theater...

My very gifted brother was playing one of the leading parts in a theater production of The Sound of Music last week.

It was quite a performance. In the week that they did the performance in a small rural town, more than 3000 people saw the show! All actors did the show without remuneration and all funds went to charity ,- a good result overall.
Of cause the whole family rocked up to cheer him on and to support the worthy cause.

As for myself, i was not about to miss-out on a chance to take my beloved M9 out to town.
It sounded like the perfect place to have a field test of the performance of the M9 in a dark place. So much have been said about the Hi-ISO noise on the camera and i was eager to test it for myself.
We were seated in about the fifth row from the front and it being the local town hall i did not have an elevated view of the stage which meant that people in front of me will have their heads in the shots.
This was not about to stop me!

Withe almost silent shutter-sound of the M9 no one around me even knew that i was making pictures.
I had the ISO on 1000 and the shutter was around 45/s to 60/s. On the 50 mm Summarit lens the setting was F 2.5.
I had absolutely no problem with the manual focusing system.
Due to the large file-size of the M9, 18+MP i was happy to crop the final images to a size where the people in front of me wasn't to big of a problem.
When i zoom in-to the images at 100% you can hardly see any noise.
All images came directly from the M9, no post production was made.
Here are a few of the images i made;

To date i have worked with some exceptional lenses. The white/grey Canon lenses you always see at sport meetings are simply super-fast and sharp,- why do you think you see then all the time? They are freakin good,-that's why!
I have seen and worked with some Carl Zeiss-lenses which are above all, or so i thought. Then you get the Leica M lenses... a class above all others is all i can say.
Their newest is a Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm F 0.95.
Granted it cost $ 10 000, but it is top of the world!
I am currently saving for a Leica 35 mm F 1.4 also a remarkable lens.
If i can give you just one tip today it would be this,- forget to try and keep-on buying the latest camera with all the bells and whistles, invest in buying the best glass. You make pictures through the lens and the camera is just the recording device,- better glass = better images.

The day after the the theater show we had a special lunch at the director of the performance's restaurant.
What a beautiful setting he have. The food was absolutely from another world! Well done!
As usual i had the M9 with me and made a few images.
The one is of my youngest brother and his wife and the other is of the Director/restaurant owner.
Both made at F2.5 ISO 160 with the 50 mm Summarit.
As the Leica M9 comes with the post production software Lightroom, i used this to put the images through one of the presets,- the first through 'antique light' and the second through 'bleach look'.

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  1. Hello Danni,

    >camera is just the recording device
    You are so right :-)

    Thank you for dropping some comments on my images.

    Stay tuned!
    Regards Axel