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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Youth Community Project 7

This was really a difficult shoot.
It was in Soweto at a school.

Lesedi, a former scholar at the school saw a need to feed the children in the school.
As some of the scholar's parents could hardly afford the small school-fees, a lot of the scholars came to school with-out any food.

According to Lesedi's research, most of the children received only one meal a day at home!
To fuel matters even worse , these very poor children were being joked about by the more fortunate children at school!

Lesedi went from business to business in order to secure sponsorship and her persistence paid off.
She is currently feeding around 200 children every day!

Due to the victimization shown towards these scholars i chose not to post any of the picture i made of the feeding scheme here.

It was hard to see how cruel children can be to each other but also very heartwarming to see how one person is trying to make a difference and the thanks she got from the people she serves.

Not surprisingly, Lesedi want to go on and start studying to become a Social worker if permitted.
How-ever, her good work at the school will continue under her guidance.

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