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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Youth Community project 1

This young man is 25 years old and lives in a two room house with his Mom and 9 brothers and sisters!
He saw a desperate need for after school teaching and a need for a library in his community.

With a lot of effort he build a library at a nearby community center, from here he also negotiated a extra room where he conducts after school classes for the school children in his community.

He also wants to keep the youth off the streets so he started soccer,netball and volleyball at the local sport-fields.

The results in the past few years since Dennys have been running his project are remarkable, learners are passing subjects in schools at a much improved rate and the whole community are uplifted by this young man's efforts.

As i said in the previous blog ,he is doing all this with NO financial gain at all.
I got to know Dennys quite well and he was so humble in everything.
I am so privileged to know this man and to call him my friend!

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