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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Social responsibility project.

I have just recently finished a social responsibility project for a client.
The project was in a competition format and was looking at youth uplifting their communities with no financial gain as a motivator,- bottom line, they must do it in order to help each other.

As this is aimed at disadvantaged communities it was really an humbling experience to see what these young people are doing with so little for so many in their communities.

There were 9 finalists and videos and photos was taken of each project.In the end every-one of the finalists got a prize at a lavish gala event at Monticasino where all 9 stayed for 4 amazing days. This is done to profit every project and motivate all involved.

Allow me to share over the next 9 days the projects of these remarkable young people and see for yourself what humanity means.

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