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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Youth Community Project 6

In a small rural village near the Botswana border we found Lebogang.
A young man full of energy, he and his small team realized that the youth in their community are not making the cut at the local schools.

They started a project and now teach around 50 scholars in various subjects after school and during holidays.
Apart from the above they also started couching soccer,netball and volleyball at the school after hours.

Lebogang said the results have really increased in the schools and the youth are much more motivated.
The sport after hours and over holidays have improved the general moral of the youth and people are far more positive.

Pic 1 + 2 was made with the wide angle Canon lens.

Pic 3 is 7 images stitched together to form this long panorama.
I will make a later posting on panoramas as some special methods to make these will make them seem as simple as a normal picture.

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