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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Youth Community Project 3

In a small rural village in the far North of our country we found a remarkable woman.
She is small and goes by the name of Catherine.

Catherine runs a pre-school for toddlers as well as a after school care center for bigger children.
At after care she and her small team teaches the children basic life skills and help them with their schoolwork.
In the mornings they look after the toddlers and help them develop basic skills.
They run all this on small donations of food, and feed about 35 children a day.

In order to supplement the donations, they also have a vegetable garden.
Here they teach the kids to eat healthy, grow crops and to look after the land.

As you guess, all pics was made with the 70-200 mm Canon at f 2.8
Only the group photo was made with the wide angle.

All pics was extensively dodge/burn in Photoshop as this was the requirements from the client.
A book with 100 pics of the different projects was also printed and handed to the overall sponsors.

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